ToGather: Island CD-Key [STEAM]
how to recharge ToGather: Island CD-Key [STEAM]

ToGather: Island CD-Key [STEAM]

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Platform: Steam Release Date: December 3, 2019 Developer: Studio Kamii, Todak Studios Publisher: Todak Studios Player: Single-player Status: Early Access

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how to recharge ToGather: Island CD-Key [STEAM] ToGather: Island CD-Key

ToGather: Island CD-Key

USD 7.26



USD 7.26


About ToGather ToGather:Island invites you to embark on an adventure in an open world survival game set in a science-fantasy archipelago. Explore the diverse islands to gather essential materials and supplies for your survival. Utilize your trusty mallet to research surrounding materials and unlock new blueprints for crafting. Uncover the secrets of your existence and the archipelago while overcoming the environmental challenges. Your Golem Companion Accompanied by a mysterious mechanical golem, you can build and grow your golem as you acquire new materials, transforming it into a reliable and formidable companion. Game Features At present, the game is designed for single-player mode, with plans to introduce a multiplayer co-op mode as the game evolves during Early Access. Summer Update 2021 (Game update v0.3.2) FEATURES AND CHANGES - Updated Golem Bear boss level - New structures: Watch Tower, Bonfire (updated with cooking function and new particle effect), Beach Umbrella, Barbeque Pit - New male and female summer attire - Enhanced functions for Stone Furnace and Metal Furnace - Improved function for Mushroom Hut - New Summer-themed Start Menu screen - Enhanced Golem AI Behavior-tree - Updated Corral Atoll Map - New Structure: Dye Machine - Revamped inventory pickup and sorting system - Experimental mouse system in inventory BUG FIXES - Stone Well bug fixed, allowing players to take water from it using a water bottle - Overlapping UI Bug when entering Corrall Atoll from the first area resolved - Golem Bear respawn issue fixed - Golem bear now activates only after the player fills up all the offering boxes in the boss area - Bow mesh now displays when the player taps the attack button KNOWN BUGS - Unable to plant potato in any planter box - Sound bug where player can hear the sound of a structure being hit by an enemy from far away - Continuous select sfx when using the mouse to drag an item in the inventory - High possibility of resetting bgm when dragging an item using the mouse in the inventory !!!YOU ARE RECOMMENDED TO START A NEW GAME WITH THIS UPDATE!!!

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