Bilibili Premium Membership (VN)
how to recharge Bilibili Premium Membership (VN)

Bilibili Premium Membership (VN)

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Bilibili Premium Membership (VN) is only valid for the account registered in the region of Vietnam

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how to recharge Bilibili Premium Membership (VN) Bilibili 1-month Premium (VN)

Bilibili 1-month Premium (VN)

USD 1.83



USD 1.83


Bilibili is a video sharing and streaming platform that originated in Shanghai, China. It's similar to YouTube but with a focus on anime, comics, and games, as well as original user content. Over time, it has evolved into a mainstream platform for pop culture and entertainment. Bilibili is more than just a platform; it's a community where people can connect, express creativity, and share content with like-minded individuals. It's a place where users can feel a sense of belonging and enjoy a wide range of content. Key Features: - Real-time captioning system that displays user comments as scrolling subtitles, resembling a danmaku shooter game. - Largest anime inventory in SEA, offering the latest releases and classic titles. - Hosts videos on various themes including anime, music, dance, science and technology, movies, drama, fashion, and video games. It's also known for its extensive kuso-style parodies by subcultural content creators. - Live streaming service that allows audience interaction with streamers. - Offers ACG-themed mobile games, such as the Chinese version of Fate/Grand Order. Bilibili Premium Subscription Benefits: Premium Bilibili members enjoy high-resolution videos (including 1080p and 4K), early access to certain videos, and discounts on Bilibili-owned games. How to Redeem Bilibili Premium Membership (VN): 1. Subscribe to Bilibili Premium and receive a 12-digit redemption code. 2. Visit the specified website to redeem: - Web: Redeem Here - App: [My] -> [Join/Renew Premium] -> [Redemption Code] 3. Subscribing to a 1-month Premium gives you a 31-day Premium, and a 12-month Premium gives you a 366-day Premium. 4. Successfully redeemed Premium days will be added to your Bilibili account. If you're already a Premium member, the validity period will be extended accordingly. 5. Each redemption code can only be used once. 6. Valid for accounts registered in Vietnam.

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Easy and quick top-up process, very satisfied.
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I appreciate the secure payment options available here.
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Great site, very reliable for all my top-up needs.
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Super quick service, very happy with the experience.
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Easy and quick top-up process, very satisfied.

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